AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-11-01mem: reset offset with @HEADmasterFrédéric Mangano
2013-11-01fix char to hex digit conversionFrédéric Mangano
2013-11-01mem interface more convenient for writingFrédéric Mangano
2013-11-01better mem editorFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30annoy codlFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30mem: proper byte manipulationFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30bstohex: bytestring to hexadecimalFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30mem: increment byte-wiseFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30memory manipulatorFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30hextou32Frédéric Mangano
2013-10-30remove cmos debug related functionsFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30uXtohex: unsigned to hexadecimal stringFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30strcatlFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30fix shell bot and echo botFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30the first NICK has to be processed at leastFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30taco shell botFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30prevent peers overflowFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30disregard the first NICKFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30internal buffer for storing messagesFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30strlenFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30prevent queue overflowsFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30directly push messagesFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30protect the queue from the outsideFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30C is supposed to initialize static structs to 0Frédéric Mangano
2013-10-30anonymous struct for queueFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30fix queue (esp. flushing)Frédéric Mangano
2013-10-30irc_logFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30drop isolated irc serverFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30do not echo privmsgsFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30fix irc initializationFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30make clean (-f)lastman
2013-10-30echo bot + convenienceFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30integrate the irc server into the kernelFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30irc: null peerFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30irc: optimize when sendingFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30irc: collect empty roomsFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30irc: fix duplicate parting messageFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30irc: bigger message queueFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30irc: merge prefix into peerFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30irc: roomsFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30irc: statify environmentFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30irc: better demoFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30irc: message builderFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30irc: check nick conflicts when adding peersFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30irc: nick unicityFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30irc: missing serialization of NICKFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30irc: tell nick changes to everyoneFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30irc: handle nick changesFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30irc: prefix overwriteFrédéric Mangano
2013-10-30irc: fix prefix reference for the testFrédéric Mangano